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About Us

American Majority’s New Leaders Project is designed to inspire and equip groups and individuals to identify principled new leaders and train them to win elections. We believe responsible fiscal leadership and limited government begins in our state and local governments.

Why do we need new leaders? Click to see the full New Leaders Project infographic.

Why do we need new leaders? Click to see the full New Leaders Project infographic.

Who are “New Leaders”?

At your next community organization meeting, look around- the room is full of people who could be new leaders. Look in the mirror- you could be a new leader. Our communities are in need of individuals who have the principles and determination to step forward and lead our county back to its limited government foundation. Those who win elections get to set the course for our school systems, city councils, state legislatures and federal government. Many of our state and local government positions need fresh faces- why not you, or one of your neighbors?

What You Can Do

We are asking you to make a commitment to change your community by either running for an elected leadership position, or by identifying potential new leaders. Once you identify someone you think would be a great new leader, don’t stop there- help them win by pointing them to campaign resources and supporting their campaign. Here are some resources to help you get started.

What We Can Do

American Majority is here to equip true principled conservatives across our great country to take the next step to run for public office, win, and lead our country through their local governments. Not only do we have an arsenal of tried and true campaign resources available online, but our training sessions have a proven track record of helping new leaders win and change communities.

About American Majority

American Majority uses cutting-edge training and technology to empower individuals and groups with the most effective tools for promoting liberty through limited government. American Majority trains thousands of activists and candidates each year in communities across the country to be catalysts for authentic change in government.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization we are dedicated to developing a new generation of American elected leadership that will reject the self-destructive policies associated with government expansion. We believe that change begins not in Washington, but in our state and local communities, with you and your neighbors. Find out more at www.AmericanMajority.org.

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