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Important tools for your GOTV plan

Getting people to turn out to the polls for an election, whether through early voting or on Election Day, is one of the biggest pieces of the giant puzzle that is a political campaign. However, getting people into the voting booth on Election Day is just one element of GOTV, with each state having its own absentee and early voting laws and voter registration deadlines. It’s a lot of information to keep track of!

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Whether you are involved in GOTV as a volunteer,
a campaign manager or you are the candidate,
here are some tools that will help you turn out
voters, develop your strategy and be able to provide accurate information to the people you come into contact with.


  • American Majority’s GOTV resources will give you an overview of how to build an effective, systematic GOTV plan, using the best strategies for door-to-door and phone banking.
  • The U.S. Elections Assistance Commission calendar shows early voting dates, voter registration deadlines, absentee ballot request deadlines, and other information that will help you answer questions when you are talking with people.
  • CanIVote.org helps people check the status of their voter registration and find their polling place.
  • Ballotpedia.org has information about U.S. Senate and U.S. House elections, state legislature elections, as well as information about ballot measure in each state.

By sharing information about registering to vote, early voting, when and where to go and what will be on the ballot, you can eliminate many of the reasons people have for not voting and you are that many steps closer to getting your supporters to the polls.

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