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These are just some of the organizations that provide resources and training that will help you reach
your goals:

Young Americans for Liberty
YAL’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists.

Gravity is a cutting-edge election and GOTV software that allows candidates and grassroots
organizations to reach the next level of technological efficiency with their campaigns.

Smart Girl Politics and Smart Girl Politics Action
Smart Girl Politics is focused on providing training to bring more conservative women into
the political process as community activists and candidates. Smart Girl Politics Action supports
candidates who focus on improving the quality of women’s lives through policies that encourage
independence, not government dependence.

Grow Elect
Grow Elect is an organization focused on helping give a voice to conservative Latinos by recruiting,
training and supporting conservative Latino candidates. With their help, 21 new Latino candidates
were elected to local office in California in 2012.


Partnering Groups

Amarillo Tea Party Patriots
Anderson Tea Party
Arkansas Unite
As A Mom
Berks County Patriots
Bowie County Patriots
Brevard Tea Party
Broward Tea Party
Catholics for Liberty
Choctaw County Conservative Voters Association
Cincinnati 912 Project
Concord Project
DC Works for US
Dallas Tea Party
East Bay Patriots
Empower Massachusetts
Citizens Alliance of PA
Faith Forum
Founders’ Intent
Green Mountain Patriots
Greater Boston Tea Party
Heirs of Liberty
John Adams Patriots
Kitchen Table Patriots
Lake Country Area Defenders of Liberty
Lone Star Tea Party
Minnesota Excellence in Public Service
Missouri Precinct Project
Mission 1776
North Pinellas 9.12
Northshore Tea Party
Ohio Liberty Council
Ontario County Libertarians
PA Coalition for Responsible Government
Patriots for Honest Government
Philadelphia Tea Party
Pittsburgh Tea Party
Richmond Tea Party Patriots
Rhode Island Tea Party
South Pinellas 912
South Coast Patriots
Southern Lake Patriots
Sumner United For Responsible Government
Teen American Patriots
The Liberty Trust
Titusville Patriots
Tulsa 912 Project
Uninfringed Liberty
Valley Forge Patriots
Virginia Tea Party Alliance PAC
Wayne County Tea Party
We the People NC
Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty
Wyoming Patriot Alliance

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