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Through the New Leaders Project, American Majority brings top-of-the-line campaign resources straight to you. It is our goal to see more new leaders running for office, and we are here to put the tools in your hands.


Campaign Basics

Managing a campaign take a lot of hard work! These tools were designed to help campaign managers, candidates and volunteers organize effectively on their way to victory.


Campaign Finances

Campaigns require money, and most don't have access to unlimited funding. Fundraising can be difficult, and many people have no idea where to start. Here are some tips and tools that will help you raise money and manage it wisely.


Campaign Communications

Having a great message and communicating it effectively is the key to a winning campaign. Look at these resources for information and tools that will help you get your message out.

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Campaign Online

These tips and tools will help you get the most out of your online resources and make your campaign more successful online.


Get Out the Vote

Convincing people that you are the best candidate is one important function of your campaign- getting them to the polls is the other. Put together and effective GOTV plan using these resources.


Links of the Week

Here are some outside resources on various campaign related topics that we think you'll find interesting and helpful.




For more helpful resources and a list of scheduled training dates, visit www.AmericanMajority.org.

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