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Press Release Template

Press Release Template

This easy to understand, detailed template lays out the structure and information needed to send out professional releases to key media outlets.

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Formulating Your Message

Coming up with ideas for improving your local government is easy, but communicating those ideas and the values driving them is a little more complicated. This guide to crafting a message that appeals to a wide range of voters will help you put together this foundational element of your campaign.

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Writing a Great Stump Speech

Once you’ve determined what the message of your campaign will be, the next step will be putting together your stump speech. This is the speech that you will give over and over again at events from now until Election Day. Here are a few principles you’ll want to keep in mind as you write and perfect your speech, and a sample outline to help you along.


Your Guide to Earned Media

Earned media (media that you don’t buy) is an important element of a local campaign. Here are some tips for reaching out to your local press and getting coverage for your campaign.

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