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Campaign Finances

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Setting Up for Fundraising Success

The foundation you lay for your fundraising program will have a big impact on your success- here are some tips that will help you get started on the right foot.

10 Fundraising

10 Tips for Fundraising Success

This 10 part series gives you some important advice from experienced campaigners that will increase your fundraising success.

Donor Motivation Chart

Understanding What Motivates Your Donors

Understanding and categorizing your donors as you build your database will help you target your fundraising pitch and make sure you reach everyone you should.

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9 Tips for Communicating with Donors

Here are 9 things you should keep in mind as you work on your campaign fundraising message.

EMAIL Fundraising

Email Fundraising Tips for Campaigns

While there is no secret formula for making people actually click through
and donate, there are some things you can do to increase your success
rate- and some things you should avoid doing.

Sample Campaign Budget

Determining your fundraising budget is not a matter of guessing or relying on historical figures from past races. Start at Election Day and work backward, determining what money must be raised in order to be expended in what time period.


Running Low Budget Campaigns

This great resource explains what elements of a campaign are essential, and how you can go about filling those needs without spending a lot of money.

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