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Running for Office: Should You?

The decision to run for elected office is not one to take lightly- this worksheet will help you determine if you have the important elements in place that you will need to start your campaign now, or if you need to reach a few more goals before you make that important announcement.


Identifying Leaders

In order to win elections and change policy, conservatives must focus on finding new leaders who will stand for limited-government at the local level and be prepared to carry those principles to higher levels of office as the need arises. This will help you create your own strategy for identifying new leaders for your community.


6 Ways to Prepare to Run for Office

Whether you are getting ready to kick off a campaign or trying to decide if you should run, here are 6 things you should do to in preparation. Get started today.

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5 Places to Find New Leaders

If you are committed to helping build up the conservative “farm team” in your community by searching out new leaders, these are some places you will find them.


What Makes a Good Leader, Part 1

Five key personal traits to look for as you are identifying new civic leaders.

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What Makes a Good Leader, Part 2

Here’s a list of five important professional attributes to look for in potential civic leaders.

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The Big List of Local Elected Offices

PoliticalCampaignTips.com has put together a great overview of the various local offices that a local leader can run for. While some of the details vary from state to state, you can see that there are many opportunities for people with various talents to impact their communities, and many positions that need good candidates.

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